Your UBC experience

Your time in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia is about more than academics; find out about resources for making the most of your UBC experience at the links below.

Graduate Student Support and Services

  • Connect with academic, counselling, and advising services; learn about family and wellness programs; access financial support services; participate in sports and recreation; learn about safety resources on campus; and understand your rights and benefits as a graduate student at UBC.

UBC Student Services (available to undergraduate and graduate students)

  • Learn more about campus life, access career services, manage your finances, find out about study permits, and learn everything you need to know about being new to UBC.

UBC Equity & Inclusion Office

  • Access training and education, conflict engagement resources, and make connections with the services and support you need to learn in a respectful environment.

Neuroscience Graduate Student Association

  • Participate in social events and connect with other grad students.